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Palm Beach Pool Leak Repair utilizes the latest technology to identify your leak, and our skilled technicians then effectuate the process of repairing your leak.  We go above and beyond to ensure that the leak is fixed.  See, some companies just identify the problem.  We identify AND solve it!  That's why we call ourselves Palm Beach County Pool Repair.  With our well-trained and extremely skilled professionals on point, we provide effective and efficient pool leak detection and repair.  Our team is equipped with the best and industry-standard tools from Leaktronics which takes care of all problems in your fittings, tiles, drainage, lights, seams and every other aspect of your pool.  Additionally, we offer a full swimming pool remodels. Our services are available to everyone here in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens as well all over Palm Beach County.  Please call us at 561-658-4848.

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Our Services

  • Pool Leak Detection - Palm Beach Leak Repair uses state of the art sonar and sound technology to identify your pool leak or leaks.
  • Pool Leak Repair - What's the point of pointing out a problem if you can't fix it? We are experts in fixing all types of pool leaks, regardless of whether or not it is a structural, mechanical or plumbing issue.
  • Pool Inspections - Want to find out if a pool is leak-free and functioning properly?  We offer thorough inspections for potential home buyers, real estate agents and even for current homeowners.
  • Pool Remodeling - If you going to spend the money to repair a leak, wouldn't it make sense to follow through with the remodeling work that you've been thinking about?
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What to Do When You Suspect a Pool Leak

Pool leaks can be very hard to find in most cases. It can also cost you a lot of effort, time and money if you put it into the wrong hands. When you suspect a pool leakage, the first thing to do is to try and see if it's something you can detect by yourself. You can try to remember the last condition of the pool. Compare how it was the last time you saw it and how it looks currently. If you then sense that the water level has drastically reduced, then try checking out for possible leakages. This will help you get a good idea of where the leakages are and what is causing it.

Pool Leak Bucket Test Description

The Bucket Test

It can be confusing at times as the leaks are usually mistaken for evaporation. A simple test to figure out whether the reduction in your water level is actually due to evaporation or not is the bucket test.

This is something easy that you can try while at home. What you can do is to find a container, most likely a bucket and fill it up to a certain level with the water. You can then submerge it into the swimming pool partially. This means you can place it around the steps of the swimming pool where there is a low level of water (usually on the top step). What you need to do next is to ensure that the level of water in the bucket matches the level of water in the swimming pool area you placed it.  You can then place an object like a big stone to keep it firmly at the spot. The next thing is to leave it there for like 24 hours or a couple of days. If you check it later and the level at which both the water in the bucket and the pool reduce is the same, then the water loss is caused by evaporation. This could be due to a temperature change or any other environmental factors. However, if the water in the swimming pool reduces more than that of the bucket, then you should know that the water loss is caused by a leak.

Pool Water Loss - What's Normal?

For people in Florida, the popular question is usually about what level of water loss is the typical rate for swimming pools. This is because of the various environmental conditions that usually affect Florida during the summer and the winter seasons. For a regular swimming pool under normal circumstances, it is expected to lose anywhere from 1/4 - 1/2 of an inch of water for a whole day that it is left uncovered.

Now, when the wind is high, you can expect the swimming pool to lose a high amount of water due to evaporation. This usually caused by the drop in humidity that comes with the increased wind.

Summer conditions in Florida can be unpredictable at some times as it depends on the conditions of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. But most of the time, the heat from the sunlight can be so intense that the pool will lose water at a very fast rate. So it's not uncommon to refill the pool at least one a week, particularly when rainfalls are low.

Types of Pool Leaks

Pool leaks are caused by various reasons. But three major factors are the most popular causes of pool leaks. These include structural damage, mechanical issues and plumbing problems.

#1 - Structural Issues

When it comes to structural damage, this can depend on the type of material used in constructing your swimming pool. There are three major materials used which include vinyl, fibreglass and gunite. Out of all of them, the vinyl happens to be the most delicate one as it requires maximum care when handling. It can be easily damaged by sharp objects nearby. Once this happens, it can easily develop into a leak in the pool. There's no need to panic as we have the best tools in place which will fix the leaks in no time. However, fiberglass and gunite are strong materials and they seem to last long. What usually causes their structural leaks is when they are too old and cracks start to surface. The leaks might also be as a result of loose connections in the lightening and the railings. We can quickly fix these problems as soon as possible.

#2 - Mechanical Issues

The problem might also happen due to a problem in the pump of the pool. This might be as a result of leaks in the shaft around the meeting point of the pump and the motor. If water enters this area, the motor and the impeller will be separated by the seal, which in turn leads to leaking. You might have to replace the impeller in this scenario.

#3 - Plumbing Problems

If the leaks are due to the plumbing, it might be as a result of cracks in the underground pipes. This can bring about dirt penetrating the pool. This can affect the decking and lead to more problems. You don't have to worry too much as our experts will fix this immediately it has been detected. We will also make the necessary changes when the need arises.

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