We Use the Best Pool Leak Detection Equipment in the World

After months of trial and error in testing so many different types of equipment for leak detection and repair, we have found the best out of them all, Leaktronics. They make it easy for us to provide our services for all our beloved customers. Leaktronics offers top-of-the-line, high-tech equipment that you can’t find elsewhere. They are the leading and trusted manufacturers of pool leak detection equipment. Simply put – you do not want to trust a pool leak detection provider using any other equipment. If you are interested in seeing what our Leaktronics equipment can do, please call us at 561-658-4848.

    Why Leaktronics?

    • Strategically Developed – Our tools have been strategically developed and professionally manufactured to locate leaks wherever it may be in your pool. These include several locations within the swimming pool, plumbing, pipes as well as leaks that may come from underneath the surface.  Our equipment is designed to work perfectly with the various technical requirements and ensure that pools are made durable. These designs work well especially for modern-day plumbing systems and swimming pools.
    • Versatility – It doesn’t matter the type of material that your pool is made of. It may be vinyl, fiberglass or gunite; in any case, our Leaktronics equipment will work just fine.  Also, the location and structural features of your pool also don’t affect the efficiency of the tools from Leaktronics. From residential areas to commercial buildings, with any type of plumbings used in the construction of the pools, Leaktronics equipment always provides the best in pool leak detection. We always select the best pool leak detection kits for our projects. Each of our kits perform a different role in detecting different types of leaks. Nonetheless, they all make use of the best technology in the LT-1000 amplifier as well as the soil probes and deckplates. These are used by our experts in detecting the different sounds which may signify leaks in the plumbing.
    • Quality and Reliability – Our equipment is the most accurate and effective in the open market .  If low-quality tools are used for detection, it can lead further degradation of your pool and cause long term damage.  Our Leaktronics equipment is the highest-quality equipment around.

    Areas We Serve

    All of Palm Beach County, including:

    • Jupiter
    • Palm Beach Gardens
    • West Palm Beach
    • Palm Beach
    • North Palm Beach
    • Wellington
    • Boynton Beach
    • Delray Beach
    • Boca Raton
    • Tequesta