Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Palm Beach Pool Leak Repair is known first and foremost as a leak detection company. Before you can solve a problem, you must first identify it. Using our high-tech pool leak identification equipment, we will provide a thorough examination of your pool to identify your leak (or leaks). Leaks come in many forms, and our equipment and experience allows us to identify a number of different types of leaks. Please call us at 561-658-4848.

    What Do We Inspect?

    • Cracks – Your swimming leaks could be caused by possible cracks in the wall.  This can be too small to notice at first, but you might be surprised when you find out the amount of damage they can cause.
    • Decks  – When it happens that there’s damage to your pool deck, this could be caused by leaks from the underground plumbings.
    • Soggy spots – When you notice the presence of certain soggy spots around your swimming pool, there’s a chance that it’s as a result of leaks and not rain.
    • Presence of Air – If you notice that your return lines are giving out air bubbles, then it shows that a leak is somewhere in your pool.

    Most Common Pool Leaks

    • Liner – The strength of a pool liner usually depends on how long you have been using it.  For this reason, you should always maintain the liner.  The more you use it, the more vulnerable it becomes to weather conditions and other factors.  This can bring about leaks in your swimming pool.
    • Filter – This is another aspect of your pool that also needs regular cleaning and proper maintenance. If the filter is the cause, we can help you fix it as soon as possible or replace it with a new one.  It all depends on your choice.
    • Pumps – Damages to your pump may cause your pool to leak. If the problem is detected in its early stages then we can easily repair it for you, but if the problem has been happening for a long time, then it’s better to change it completely.  We have professionals who are well trained with the best equipment. We will make sure to check all the suspected areas and additional areas from the plumbings to the entire swimming pool system.  This is to confirm the sources of all possible leakages in the pool. We are experts at this and we can guarantee you 100% accuracy on leakage detection.

    Areas We Serve

    All of Palm Beach County, including:

    • Jupiter
    • Palm Beach Gardens
    • West Palm Beach
    • Palm Beach
    • North Palm Beach
    • Wellington
    • Boynton Beach
    • Delray Beach
    • Boca Raton
    • Tequesta